Manor History

The story of the family’s villa, Villa Turchi, is fascinating and, as far as I’m concerned, full of amazing memories. My family, at the end of the 1960’s, regularly used to leave Milan to spend the whole summer in Villa Turchi, my grandmother’s mansion. The historical dwelling was, for us kids, a continuous discovery;  with its secret passages and the stables, where my grandmother used to hide ancient artefacts that she brought from the Austrian Court. We spent wonderful and cheerful summers there. The villa was like a huge playground where every day we could discover something new, losing ourselves in the huge rooms and corridors.

And Longiano… the medieval town that was, for us, the perfect place for us to live out our everyday adventures. A few miles from the villa there is Rigossa River. In August, we used to go eel fishing, walk along trails and even taste juicy strawberries and cherries stolen from the nearby farmer’s fields.LONGIANO 2 Chiese dal castello 2003

The inhabitants of Longiano are really generous (just don’t attempt to steal their fruit!) and they like, from time to time, to have a walk along the nearby beach in Rimini, immersed in the amazing and really active social life. However, they taste only a bit of these pleasures that the Riviera offers, prefering at the end of the day to go back to their peaceful village, aware of the privileges that Longiano offers.

The Villa, built around the 14th Century, was a property of the Turchi Family. They were a wealthy family descended from Turkish merchants that traded cloth and spices in the 1500s in the Cesena area.

Buried in the gardens of the villa, surrounded by fortified walls, we unearthed weapons (swords from the Garibaldi era), antique coins (even one from the Etruschi era) and golden tea-cups belonging to my great-great-grandmother, whose portrait is exhibited in the main hall. My grandmother Ines was, as a matter of fact, a descendant of a noble family of the Austrian Court, the Suchentrunk. She sought refuge in Italy in 1916 ,during WWI, where she fell in love and then married Leone Turchi, my grandfather; whom died in his 40s because of his dissolute lifestyle.
villa turchiAlone with her very young daughter (my mother Valeria), Ines was not feeling safe in such a huge mansion and decided to bury in the garden some precious objects, some of which were found in 1971 during the villa’s renovation.

Everything in Villa Turchi has been very well preserved, from the really antique library, which includes volumes dating from 1450 to the antique furnitures and paintings.

My mother, in the 1980’s, used the villa as a rendezvous for artists and high-society events. Many illustrious guests visited the mansion such as Chet Baker, Romano Mussolini, Lina Volonghi, Carlo Cattaneo, Franco Cerri and Alighiero Noschese. The housemaids, Pina and Maria (not Colombo), had been loyal servants from my childhood to when I was an adult, letting their imagination run wild preparing those glamorous happenings. They were incredibly good at making home-made piadina and creating the scenic design for the parties.
...Unique and Exclusive
But, as we say, good things don’t last forever. The villa has been left for a few years due to the worsening of my mother’s illness and my father’s demise.

The following decision to entrust the villa to expert and competent managers comes from the desire of restoring the characteristic splendor of Villa Turchi, making it available to guests, who, I’m sure, will be able to live in it with much enjoyment.

Stefano Continolo


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